Things No One Tells You About Going to the Strip Club

If your weekend plans include a trip to the strip club, prepare yourself ahead of time. We hear a lot about strip clubs. Sometimes the information is legit and accurate; other times not so much. We usually hear the same repeat of information which leaves a lot to wonder. Until now. Here are a few facts about strip clubs that no one tells you.

1- Not Only at Night

Strip clubs are most popular at night but they’re open during the day as well. It may seem like an odd thing to do during the day but you may be surprised to see a group of goers at the club during lunch hour.

2-Keep Your Hands to Yourself

 It should not need to be said but keep your hands to yourself. The women dancing on stage are not objects and do not appreciate random hands grabbing and groping at them. Besides, the bouncer will likely grab you by the collar and toss you out.

3- Women go to Strip Clubs, Too

There will likely be far more women at the club than men, at least on stage. Women will also grace the crowd no matter what gender of stripper hits the stage. It may remind you for visiting a casino!

4- No Change

Strippers love tips of course. It pays the bills and is the reason they go to work each day. Strippers do not love change being thrown at them, yet some jerks do this. Do not be one of those jerks.

5- Learn the Rules

Each strip club has rules and regulations in place. Adhere to those rules and regulations if you want the night to be as smooth and as enjoyable as possible. Disrespect will get you tossed out of the club- fast!